Let the Leftover Queen Help You Save Food, Money and Time

The Meaning of "Leftover"

Think of "leftover" as transformation. To the Leftover Queen, the word "leftover" means turning food left in the refrigerator into new and delicious meals. It means no waste of food, no waste of money, a path to food sustainability and a healthy diet.

Think of these items of food left in the refrigerator, freshly purchased or perhaps something opened and not yet finished, as perishables that can be utilized in many forms. It could be the fixings left from a large dinner, which can then be turned "over" into many more delicious meals. Leftovers don’t have to be food that you have fixed and then reheat and eat again.

Think of it as transforming food items (whether it be meats, vegetables, fruits, dairy items, or sauces) into casseroles, soups, quiches, desserts - creating a variety of choice entrees to perhaps freeze ahead for future meals, all ready to go.